Aby Chackiath believes he is just a medium to fulfil certain purposes he is destined to do by the Mother Nature. The belief reinforces when he talks about the repeated opportunities he got to rise up from the failures he faced. An Absolute DropOut from the Conventional Educational System and  someone who has committed to life long learning from world leaders in appropriate industries, while being very proficient in business & accounting laws across countries and geographies, Aby is re-inventing his life to live to its fullest now.

Strategist - Business, Conflict & Law


Business Model Engineer


Technology Proficiency


Karma Believer


Micro & SMB Investor


Strategy Coaching



Extra Mile - If you want to know what it means, meet Aby

Primson Diaz - Founder & CEO of Diaz Invest

Tasmanian Devil - a Brother like care with the Intuition to spot an enemy movement from a 100 mile distance and being capable mounting defences to kill them with their own weapon. A Sun Tzu fan. Fearless & sharp enough to tear anyone up. by saying anyone, I literally mean anyone !

Sidra Jafri - Founder of School Of Awakening

A Coach who gives all credits to Universe & Science.

Abhilash CR - Founder & CEO of Triangle Maps Inc.


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Training Days


Training Days


Training Days



a self-serving eco-system for micro, small and medium businesses to get online & leverage the digital resources to positively impact their profits.

AssurePluz Inc

an insurance auxiliary for businesses to manage the damages from the user experience perspective and an investor management platform

SCN Ventures LLC

a digital engineering & re-engineering arm of CFF to build, test and deploy various softwares and digital products and services.


31. Dec 2030

Mission - 5KFalcons across 50 UN Nations

20. September 2021

Got Selected a PreLaunch Reviewer at PitchGround - India's Biggest Software Marketplace

20. July 2021

Got Selected a PreLaunch Reviewer at Appsumo - World's Biggest Software Marketplace

03. September 2020

Scaled to 8 different jurisdictions and started serving businesses on a one-on-one basis through a comprehensive coaching, using strategic Relationships, tactical Informations & Resourceful tools to accelerate sales and their business growth using the local business partners at various geographies

19. August 2019

Launched "digitally.fit" - a self-serving digital eco-system for businesses to enable themselves with required informations & tools via a membership aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations (UNSDG) & United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD)

20. April 2019

Got selected as a Prelaunch Reviewer for Facebook Family of Apps

16. July 2018

Ideated a concept of digital fitness and started investing across 70+ software startup brands and  started to create a differentiation between Information & Technology as Contents & Tools

24. July 2017

Committed to Continuous Learning Programmes as I realised MSME's don't have a structure to enable them with a vision to Prototype "Business Acceleration Programmes & Models"

08. December 2016

Developed and Established the Business Model made during brighter weeks and named it -AssurePluz, A Brand for MSME's facilitating Private Equity Trading, but started as Insurance Auxiliary Services

01. January 2014

Started Executing business model developed during the brighter weeks alongside fighting the legal system which charged us with irrelevant accusations.

13. November 2013

Bright Age Begins with a 47 day Detention for finding Critical Issues with the Banking System Interpreted as Intentional Mistakes committed by not fulfilling duties as a citizen. Started polishing a business idea leftout during 2008

01. November 2010

Established zigki.com - an unlimited business hosting service brand

09. September 2009

Became a director for Proline Management Services Pvt Ltd, at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

09. September 2008

Became a Partner for an Event Management Company & Founded a Charitable Foundation

01. November 2005

Beginning of Entrepreneurial Saga - Started through Alternative Educational System