Chackiath Family Foundation

Setting up to become a self-sufficient family office across multiple jurisdictions, Chackiath Family Foundation forays into businesses that can impact everyone around for good & like every or most of the enterprises, it also had its fair share of good and bitter experiences and is being built just like how a startup would build its business but with that Japanese attitude in mind "Fall Seven Rise Eight".

Adam Aby Chackiath

A Young Aspiring Paleontologist


Amitha Ansari

Chief "Energy" Officer & Chief Optimist

Varghese CJ

A Lawyer, Ex-Banker & A Critical Thinker


Aby Chackiath

An Entreprenuer by birth, Techie by Passion & A Coach by Nature

Jyothirgamaya ® (80G) Charitable Foundation

Jyothirgamaya, which means "From Darkness to Light", is a charitable foundation (exempted entity) formed in Shivamogga, In the State of Karnataka, India, in 2008 enables us to do the needful for the society in the areas of education, healthcare, wildlife protection and environmental conservation.

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